XO, Kitty season 2 is Happening.

XO, Kitty season 2 is Happening.

Season 1 of XO, Kitty was launched on Netflix on May 18, and a large number of people tuned in to see the new adolescent sitcom. Of course, the first season was quickly completed, and now everyone is wondering if Kitty’s narrative would be continued in an XO, Kitty season 2. Not to worry. Everything we know about XO, Kity season 2 is available here.

XO, Kitty is a spin-off series from the successful film trilogy To All the Boys. It was the first Netflix original series to be spun out from a Netflix original film.

Jenny Han, a New York Times best-selling author, is the show’s creative force. It follows Kitty Song Covey, a fan favorite from the To All the Boys films, in her quest to discover true love.

Her adventure brings her to Seoul, South Korea, where she attends KISS, an international boarding school. She meets a variety of other students at the school and is reunited with her long-distance boyfriend Dae. Season 1 of XO, Kitty closes in a way that easily sets up a second season. Is there a season 2 of XO, Kitty in the works? Here’s all we know so far regarding the fate of the teen program, plus much more!

How many seasons of XO have there been, Kitty?

The teen series has only one season, which is currently accessible on Netflix. The first season is made up of ten episodes, each lasting between 20 and 30 minutes.

Season 2 of XO, Kitty is now available on Netflix.

We have exciting news for you, XO, Kitty lovers! Netflix renewed the adolescent drama for a second season on June 14! The streaming service chose to share a nice 36-second video of part of the actors proclaiming the good news on its official Twitter page to promote the show’s renewal.

The cast is shown in the film passing a piece of paper around until it reaches the lead actress, Anna Cathcart. When she flips the paper over, it says, “XO, Kitty season 2 is coming.” Cathcart concludes the video by thanking the viewers for helping to make a second season possible by streaming the first season.

Following its May 18 launch, XO, Kitty season 1 received 72.08 million hours of viewing, placing second on the English TV List. It even made the top ten in 90 countries. In its second week on Netflix (May 22-28), the program received 63.78 million hours of viewing and stayed in the top 10.

XO, Kitty season 1 earned 29.83 million hours of viewing for the third week (May 29-June 4) and remained in the global top 10. The first season had 14.46 million hours of viewing during the fourth week (June 5-June 11). In all, the show received 180.15 million hours of viewing in its first month on the platform.

We can’t wait for the second season of XO, Kitty!

When will the second season of XO, Kitty begin filming?

Although the adolescent drama has been renewed, a second season is unlikely to begin filming anytime soon. Because of the continuing writer’s strike, Han and her team of writers are unlikely to begin work on the scripts for the second season just yet. Obviously, the scripts for the second season must be completed before production can begin.

Scriptwriting will most likely take a few months, and production will begin afterward. Our best judgment is that manufacturing will not begin until 2024. There’s a tiny chance that production may begin by the end of 2023, but we’re not banking on it.

Season 1 conclusion of XO, Kitty explained

After being ejected from KISS for surreptitiously living in the guys’ dorm, Kitty packs her belongings and boards a jet back to her hometown of Portland, Oregon. She doesn’t end up with any of her season’s love interests (Dae, Yuri, or Min Ho). In reality, she finishes the season alone.

Kitty and Dae formally split up just before she boards her flight. After splitting up with Dae, Kitty bumps into Yuri at the airport. Juliana appears and interrupts her as she is ready to reveal her thoughts to Yuri. As a result, she never gets to tell Yuri that she likes her more than just as a friend.

When Kitty takes her seat on the plane, she discovers Min Ho seated next to her. She informs him that she and Dae have broken up, and Min Ho views this as an excellent opportunity to convey his feelings. He admits to Kitty that he may be in love with her, but she remains silent.

Kitty had no clue Min Ho had affection for her, so this surprised her. However, based on her tiny smirk after Min Ho professes his affections, she may begin to see him in a different way in the future.

Here are some notable highlights from Season 1:

  • Q and Florian end up together but do not get along. Q was upset that Florian cheated on his finals.
  • Alex discovers that his biological parents are Principal Jina Lim and Professor Lee.
  • Jina Lim and Eve Song (Kitty’s mother) were childhood friends. When Eve was pregnant with Alex, she let Jina use her name in the hospital to conceal her pregnancy.
  • Professor Lee had no idea he had a child until Jina informed him in episode 10.
  • Kitty travels to South Korea to see Dae but develops affection for a girl (Yuri). Although Kitty’s sexuality is not labeled in the first season, series creator Jenny Han revealed that Kitty is bisexual.
  • Yuri reveals her sexual orientation to Dae, Kitty, Q, and ultimately her mother. Juliana and she were also in a covert romance. At the end of the first season, they end up together.
  • Alex and Kitty are not related.
  • Kitty learns that her mother had a previous boyfriend named Simon before she met her father.

What may the plot of XO, Kitty season 2 be about?

She obviously can’t stay in Portland forever and will ultimately return to Seoul, South Korea. In the season one conclusion, Yuri calls her mother and tells her not to deport Kitty. Since Yuri and her mother are now on good terms, I’m sure Jina would go to any length to maintain her daughter’s favor. As a result, Kitty will almost certainly return to KISS for the following semester of school.

But how will Kitty deal with Yuri now that Juliana has returned? She never got to express her feelings to Yuri, so seeing Yuri and Juliana be all lovey-dovey will be difficult for her. Will Kitty ultimately confess her feelings for Yuri? Could Yuri harbor romantic sentiments towards Kitty as well? Dae, what about you? Dae was Kitty’s first love, and while she’s currently more interested in Yuri, I doubt she’s fully over Dae. Dae clearly still wants to be with Kitty, so perhaps he’ll try to win her back in the second season.

Kity is now aware that Min Ho harbors romantic sentiments for her. Will she finally fall in love with him and begin a relationship with him? Because Min Ho is one of Dae’s closest pals, there will undoubtedly be turmoil if this occurs. Q and Florian’s relationship also needs some mending because trust has been destroyed.

With the identities of Alex’s biological parents known, the second season might focus on the relationships between Jina, Professor Lee, Alex, and Yuri. Perhaps we might also learn more about the backstories of the other characters. A second season might cover a lot more ground. We’re excited to see what the authors come up with.

How many episodes may there be in XO, Kitty season 2?

Because the first season featured ten episodes, we anticipate that the second season will have the same number. Netflix series are usually given the same number of episodes every season. The episode count may occasionally increase or decrease, although this is uncommon. Furthermore, like the previous season, the episodes would most likely be 20-30 minutes long.

Could the second season of XO, Kitty be classified as TV-14?

Yes, because the first season was rated TV-14, the second season may be as well. It’s not often that Netflix programs’ age ratings shift as the seasons go.

When will XO, Kitty season 2 be available on Netflix?

Even if XO, Kty was renewed very early, the second season can still be expected in 2023. The second season’s filming just would not be completed in time for a 2023 premiere. Furthermore, Netflix seldom publishes seasons consecutively. We’re probably looking at a 2024 release date at the very least. Remember, this is only our guess. The second season might arrive as late as 2024. We’ll surely let you know when the official release date is revealed.

Where may the second season of XO, Kitty be shot?

The actors and crew will very certainly return to South Korea to shoot because that is where the program is situated and where the first season was shot.

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