WWE: “I’ve grown up watching these guys”

Roman Reigns has been involved in a storyline with his cousins, The Usos, since he returned to the company in 2020, and they were part of a faction known as The Bloodline. His other cousin, Jacob Fatu, has shared that he gets emotional when he talks about the popular storyline.

At Night of Champions, Jimmy Uso turned on The Tribal Chief, and he and his brother Jey went on to leave the group. This past Saturday at Money in the Bank, the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion teamed up with Solo Sikoa to take on The Usos in a tag team match, which was won by the former tag champs. On SmackDown this week, it was announced that there will be a trial for Roman Reigns.

Speaking to Koffin Radio, Anoa’i family member Jacob Fatu commented on The Bloodline storyline, stating that it makes him emotional and that it is as real as it gets.

“I’m getting goosebumps right now just talking about it. Nah, but as a family member, I mean come on man. I’m entertained uce. We gotta remember bro, this hasn’t just been going on for six months or seven month run. We’re talking about three years uce, you know? And I get emotional when we talk about it. Sorry man, because this is how real it is though, you know what I’m saying? My family, it’s not just been this,” said Fatu.

He continued:

“Come on bro, eight weeks in a row, over two million — the numbers don’t lie. So, sorry if I get emotional, choked up about it. It’s because I feel what they’re doing and I love it and I f**king love it. But overall, big dog Roman (Reigns), Solo (Sikoa), Usos, I’ve grown up watching these guys and like I said before, I was locked down in that thing and see ‘em on TV and bro, it’s longevity uce,” added Fatu. (H/T POST Wrestling)

Roman Reigns suffered his first pinfall loss in 3.5 years at WWE Money in the Bank

The Tribal Chief is one of the biggest names in the entire industry right now. He’s been champion for over two years and was undefeated for even longer. However, at Money in the Bank, Roman Reigns was pinned by Jey Uso, giving him his first pinfall loss since 2019.

Roman Reigns will most likely defend his title at SummerSlam, and many fans are expecting him to collide with Jimmy Uso. It’ll be interesting to see whether the latter will be the one to dethrone him for the title.

Do you think Jimmy or Jey Uso should dethrone Roman Reigns? Sound off in the comments below!

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