Which Mariners players have had a .300+ batting average in a season? MLB Immaculate Grid answers for July 5

MLB Immaculate Grid is an online daily game that tests the player’s knowledge of baseball and its teams and players. Its questions refresh every day and provide players with a fresh challenge. The game has gained huge popularity among baseball fans across the world.

The aim of the game is to fill up the grid with correct answers based on the clues provided along the sides. A player is given nine guesses to fill in nine boxes, which means that even a single wrong guess would result in a less-than-perfect score.

For the July 5 edition of the game, the final clue along the horizontal plane is a .300+ batting average season while the clue along the vertical plane is the Seattle Mariners. Thus the correct answer would be the name of a Mariners player who has achieved a .300+ batting average in a single season.

There have been several Mariners players who have achieved the feat in the entire history of the team. However, the latest player to do it was Jean Segura in 2018. The Dominican infielder spent two seasons with the Mariners and finished with a .300+ batting average in both 2017 and 2018.

Other Seattle players who have achieved the feat and will be a correct answer on the MLB Immaculate Grid include Japanese legend Ichiro Suzuki, who completed the feat an amazing 10 times, Edgar Martinez and Ken Griffey Jr.

Random Mariners stat of the day:In the 2017/2018 seasons, SS Jean Segura hit .302/.345/.421 with a 110 wRC+. He totaled 6.5 fangraphs WAR over these two seasons https://t.co/PWjnpKiSVg

The first Japanese-born player to hit a home run for the Seattle Mariners was Ichiro Suzuki in 2001. 🇯🇵The first Japanese-born player to hit a home run for the Miami Marlins was Ichiro Suzuki in 2015. 🇯🇵 https://t.co/cgtONtq8yi

Other Seattle Mariners players who ended an MLB season with a .300+ batting average

The first name that comes to mind when talking about Seattle Mariners batters in recent years is Ichiro Suzuki. The Japanese legend spent a total of 14 seasons with the Mariners and managed to finish 10 of those with a .300+ batting average.

He also holds the highest single-season batting average in the history of the franchise with .372 achieved in 2004.

Other names which can be included are Edgar Martinez and Ken Griffey Jr., who also achieved the feat multiple times in the MLB.

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