When do NBA offseason trades become official? Taking a closer look

The NBA’s annual moratorium period is set to come to a close this week. This means that any trades made since the start of the moratorium period will soon be made official.

The moratorium period started on June 30 at 6:00 PM ET and will conclude on July 6 at 12:00 PM ET. During the moratorium period, teams are permitted to negotiate with players and agree to trades with other teams. However, those deals are considered verbal agreements until July 6.

Once the moratorium period ends, teams can officially start signing players, extending players and completing trades. In addition, teams are given 24 hours to match any offer sheets signed by restricted free agents during the moratorium period.

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What’s next following the NBA’s moratorium period?

NBA Summer League
NBA Summer League

July 1 is considered the official start of the NBA calendar year, followed by the moratorium period until July 6. However, after that, free agency typically starts to die down and teams shift most of their focus toward the NBA Summer League.

This year’s Summer Leagues have already begun, starting with some of the smaller leagues. This includes the Salt Lake City Summer League, which started on July 3 and will run until July 6. The California Classic Summer League also kicked off on July 3 and will run until July 5.

However, the NBA’s premier Summer League in Las Vegas is scheduled for after the moratorium period. It will begin on July 7 with regular games taking place until July 14. This will be followed by the start of the Summer League playoffs on July 15 and the Summer League championship game on July 17.

After this, the true NBA offseason begins for most teams, as they look forward to training camp in September. However, additional trades and signings can still be made throughout the offseason into next season.

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