Veysonnaz, Switzerland: Travel & Resort Guide.

Veysonnaz, Switzerland: Travel & Resort Guide.

Veysonaz provides everything you need for an energetic alpine trip, especially one that will appeal to youngsters.

Veysonaz, a tiny family-friendly mountain resort in Switzerland’s Valais region, overlooks the Rhone Valley. It is located in the middle of the 4 Valleys, Switzerland’s largest ski resort, having access to 412 km of slopes.

But, with an average of 300 days of sunlight each year, Veysonaz is a year-round destination, with lots to see and do in summer and fall as well. Veysonaz provides everything you need for an energetic alpine trip, especially one that will appeal to youngsters.

Who should come to Veysonaz?

Veysonaz is significantly smaller and calmer than more well-known 4 Valleys resorts like Verbier, making it perfect for families with young children. There will be no late-night partying (which is a good thing if you have tiny children with early bedtimes!). However, there are several family-friendly activities and amenities available to keep everyone amused.

The resort is unavoidably crowded around the February half term, but if you are not (yet) restricted to school holidays or can go later in the season, it is a perfect spot for a family getaway.

Veysonaz winter activities

The 4 Valleys is a skier and snowboarder’s paradise, and staying in Veysonaz puts you in a prime position to take advantage of the slopes. The famed Piste de l’Ours, located in the Veysonnaz region, is a fiendishly tough competition slope when done at high speeds. The Skicross World Cup is also held at Veysonaz.

On Tuesday nights, trails are accessible for ski touring, allowing you to safely explore both the forests and the pistes, as well as ski a thrilling torchlit descent of the Mayens piste after dark. If skiing isn’t your thing, come to Veysonaz in December for a very unique visit with Father Christmas, bathe in a heated indoor pool, or follow one of four defined snowshoe treks.

From December to April, snow is assured; Veysonnaz is truly a winter paradise.

Veysonnaz summer activities

Veysonnaz seems like an entirely different location once the snow has disappeared in early summer.

Cowbells dangle from their necks as they graze the fields, while hikers and mountain bikers pass by. You may take a yoga break in the pure mountain air while admiring the Alps. If you haven’t brought your own, you may rent a yoga mat from the Veysonnaz tourism office or go mushroom picking with a competent local nature guide.

At the same time, you may learn about the local flora and wildlife. There are kids programs for children aged 4 and above, with activities ranging from treasure hunts and horseback riding to laser games in the forest, so you will have a busy stay regardless of your age or interest.

Through its many outdoor activities, this tiny slice of heaven invites you to discover and respect the wildlife that surrounds you. Getting closer to nature entails returning to your origins via the numerous biases and signposted pathways. While enjoying our woodlands, we encourage relaxation and self-awareness.

Mountain cyclists may enjoy their preferred activity on a choice of tracks of varying difficulty, with the option of using ski lifts for the more difficult uphill parts.

Families are welcome, owing to our Sun&Fun entertainment and outdoor activities program, as well as a variety of excursions.

Summer is, of course, a time to unwind and spend a good time with friends while watching the sunset.

Accommodation in Veysonnaz

Veysonnaz has just two hotels totaling 150 bedrooms, thus even during high season, the resort never seems congested. Hotel Chalet Royal, a spacious, chalet-style resort directly opposite the ski lift with 180-degree views of the Alps, is the ideal spot to stay. It features a lovely spa and an outdoor hot tub, and accommodations start at CHF 50 per person, per night.

Restaurants in Veysonnaz

Veysonnaz has five restaurants and five pubs, as well as four eateries on the mountainside that are accessible by foot or skis. If you need a snack or delightful goodies for a picnic, there are two small stores and a bakery, so don’t skip the pastries.

Favorite restaurants include Remointze, which serves hearty alpine fares like raclette and fondue, and Magrappe, which is conveniently located at the bottom of the lifts for apres skiing, Featuring a bright outside terrace for a celebration beer or three after a day on the slopes.

Magrappe features a large variety of pizzas, all of which are freshly prepared in their wood-fired pizza oven, as well as some excellent salads if you’re looking for something lighter.

Directions to Veysonnaz

The nearest airport to Veysonnaz is in Sion, 15 km distant by car and connected to the resort by bus. However, because Geneva offers more airline choices than the UK, most visitors fly into Geneva (172 km distance; 2h10 by rail).

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