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The Upthrust BGMI Ranbhoomi Season 2 Semifinals started on July 4, 2023. Gladiators Esports, the winners of the Nodwin Champions Cup, demonstrated their skills by putting in an exceptional performance on Day 1. They amassed an impressive total of 49 points at the end of the day, positioning them at the top of the overall standings.

In second place was Team Insane, who accumulated 37 points. Gujarat Tigers, boasting seasoned players like Prince, secured third place with 36 points.

Fan favorites GodLike Esports also got off to a decent start, securing sixth position. Meanwhile, Team SouL find themselves in the 16th position due to their inability to gather placement points.

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Team XSpark and Global Esports also had a challenging day and finished at the 20th and 23rd spots, respectively.

BGMI Ranbhoomi Season 2 Semifinals Day 1 overview

Match 1- Erangel Group A vs B

In the first match, the Gujarat Tigers emerged victorious with eight kills. The team demonstrated a well-rounded strategy and chose their battles well. Despite Team SouL being eliminated early, the Omega-led squad managed to secure eight kill points, with their BGMI pro Goblin earning five kills and being named the MVP.

Top 8 teams from Ranbhoomi Day 1 (Image via Upthrust Esports)
Top 8 teams from Ranbhoomi Day 1 (Image via Upthrust Esports)

Match 2 – Miramar Group A vs C

In a closely contested encounter between Medal Esports and Team Insane, the former emerged as the winner with eight eliminations.

DeltaPg’s exceptional performance secured Gladiator Esports a spot in the top three, with seven finishes. He was named the MVP of the match.

Match 3- Erangel Group B vs C

Showing great composure, ZGod led his team GodLike Esports to victory in the third match of the day. The squad eliminated 13 opponents, and BGMI veteran Jonathan was recognized as the match MVP for his five kills.

Team Insane and Gladiator secured podium finishes again, claiming second and third place, respectively.

Team SouL finished 16th after Day 1 (Image via Upthrust Esports)
Team SouL finished 16th after Day 1 (Image via Upthrust Esports)

Match 4 – Miramar Group A vs B

Entity Gaming managed to grab the chicken dinner in the fourth match of Miramar with only three frags. However, it was Team Aladin that topped the match standings for their 12 eliminations.

Match 5 – Erangel Group A vs C

Genesis Esports exhibited a spirited performance, emerging victorious in the fifth round with an impressive tally of 10 frags. Meanwhile, Gods Reign showcased an aggressive approach right from the beginning, securing a commendable 13 points. However, they narrowly missed out on a chicken dinner.

Match 6 – Erangel Group B vs C

In the ultimate showdown of the day, Gladiators Esports achieved a much-awaited victory, courtesy of BGMI star DeltaPG, who claimed the title of MVP for the second time.

Following closely behind them were Team Tamilas and OR Esports.

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