Nendaz, Switzerland: A Travel Destination.

Nendaz, Switzerland: A Travel Destination.

Nendaz has an area of 85.9 square kilometers as of 2011. 27.5% of this land is used for agriculture, while 31.2% is forested. 4.2% of the remaining area is settled (buildings or roads) and 37.0% is unproductive ground.

The municipality is located in central Valais and runs from the Rhone River’s left bank (490 m) to the Rosablanche’s (3,336 m) top. It is made up of around 15 villages and hamlets, including Basse-Nendaz, Haute-Nendaz, Bieudron, Aproz, Baar, Brignon, and Beuson.

Nendaz, in Switzerland’s 4 Vallees, is a year-round resort that offers winter skiing and summer hiking.

Nendaz is made up of many communities: the Haute-Nendaz resort and 17 adjacent settlements. It is located in the heart of Switzerland’s enormous 4 Valleys ski area and is popular with both Swiss families (many of whom own chalets or flats here) and visitors from other countries.

The majority of visitors come to Nendaz in the winter months to ski and snowboard, but winter sports are far from the resort’s only offering: there’s local heritage and gastronomy, and summertime visitors can enjoy everything from trekking and trail running to cheese-making, outdoor swimming, and mountain biking. (Switzerland)

Who should go to Nendaz?

Adventurers should place Veysonnaz at the top of their list. This is a place with stunning, unspoiled natural surroundings, and the combination of majestic mountains and excellent weather conditions — lots of fluffy snow in the winter and long, warm sunny days in the summer — means you’ll want to spend as much time outside as possible. There are chances for all levels of ability and fitness, as well as guides and instructors who will assist you reach the next level, so it doesn’t matter if you want to acquire new abilities or are an experienced skier, climber, or mountain biker.

Nendaz winter activities

Switzerland NendazSwitzerland Nendaz

Skiing from Nendaz is enjoyable! Yes, there are some courses that will leave your knuckles white and provide an adrenaline rush, but there are also seven free tracks, a fun park, and three snow gardens to enjoy.

The thrilling Mont Fort zip line begins at 3,330m above sea level – the highest point in the 4 Valleys — and reaches speeds of more than 100 km/h. There are roughly 100 km of winter treks through gorgeous villages, meadows, and woodlands if you want something a bit more tranquil, or at least slower.

Nighttime snowshoeing from the town of Siviez is a special highlight, with a guide leading you up the mountain after dark and rewarding your efforts with raclette cooked over an open fire. It may be cold, but it is a wonderful and well-deserved lunch.

Nendaz summer activities

Cycling in Switzerland’s NendazCycling in Switzerland’s Nendaz

The summer season in Nendaz begins in May when the days are already long and pleasant. If you are fond of local traditions, there is the annual Festival, where you can hear the amazing sounds of the alphorn, a traditional and soothing musical instrument; and the Herens Cow Path, where you can learn about cheese making, cowbells, and even cow fighting. Visitors with more time and energy can go on a 3-4 day self-guided walking trip, sleep in mountain cottages each night, or explore some of the 200 km of mountain bike routes.

Nendaz dining options

Nendaz is mostly an agricultural area, hence local ingredients are featured on menus. There are 36 restaurants in the area, 11 of which are on the mountain and one of which has won the coveted Gault & Millau award. At a height of 2,240m on the mountain, we experienced Clos de Cimes in Haute-Nendaz and Combatseline. Foodies seeking to earn their feasts in the winter can book the Rando’Miam, a gourmet package that comprises a walk from Siviez to Tortin with three stops along the route, one for a starter, one for a main dish, and one for a desert. From 7 January to mid-April, you may arrange this excursion through the Nendaz tourism office.

Directions to Nendaz

Nendaz is positioned on the Rhone Valley ridge above the town of Sion (15 km distance by road), and you may reach there by bus (40 minutes) or cab (20 minutes). Sion has a modest international airport as well as a train station with regular trains to and from Geneva (2 hours and 10 minutes), which has more aircraft connections and is less expensive.

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