Latest updates on new Austin Matthews deal, William Nylander’s extension disagreement

Toronto Maple Leafs, amid the NHL offseason, have kept fans on their toes with trade rumors and contract negotiations. Recently, David Pagnotta, editor-in-chief of The Fourth Period and a respected analyst, provided a video update on Twitter regarding the Toronto Maple Leafs and their key players.

Pagnotta shed light on the ongoing discussions surrounding a potential new contract for star center Auston Matthews, as well as the status of William Nylander’s contract extension.

Regarding Matthews’ contract negotiations, Pagnotta said that no deal is imminent at this point:

“With respect to Auston Matthews, nothing is close. They’re not there yet, it’s either a 3, maybe 4 or 5-year contract.”

It appears that the duration of the contract is still being negotiated, with a maximum of five years being the likely outcome. Pagnotta expressed confidence in Matthews not exceeding a five-year term, saying:

“That’s like a 99% chance that happens.”

However, the parties involved have not reached an agreement thus far.

The Maple Leafs face additional challenges due to salary cap constraints. Pagnotta explained:

“The Leafs need to shore up the rest of the roster, including William Nylander. They are over the cap right now.”

The team must navigate the delicate balance of signing key players while ensuring they stay within the salary cap limits. This situation adds further complexity to the negotiation process for both Matthews and Nylander.

Pagnotta also touched upon other trade possibilities within the Maple Leafs organization. He mentioned discussions surrounding goaltender Matt Murray, speculating on the potential of a buyout if the team faces another window of opportunity due to a potential Ilya Samsonov arbitration case.

Furthermore, defenseman T.J. Brodie’s name has emerged in trade talks, as he enters the final year of his contract with a $5 million cap hit and some no-trade protection. Additionally, young forward Nick Robertson’s name has been mentioned as a potential trade candidate.

Interestingly, Pagnotta suggested that Matthews may not sign a new contract before Nylander does:

“I would be surprised to see Matthews sign before Nylander does.”

As the rumors continue to circulate and discussions unfold, the Toronto Maple Leafs face important decisions regarding the futures of Auston Matthews and William Nylander.

The Toronto Maple Leafs have also kept their eyes on Ilya Samsonov

The Toronto Maple Leafs face a challenge in re-signing goaltender Ilya Samsonov due to salary cap constraints. Placing Muzzin on LTIR and trading Murray would provide them with $1.48 million in cap space, which falls short of what Samsonov requires. Leafs general manager Brad Treliving jokingly remarked that the team would keep Brandon Pridham isolated until he resolves the cap situation.

If either Nick Robertson or Pontus Holmberg starts the season with the AHL’s Toronto Marlies, the Leafs would have a little over $2.2 million to allocate toward Samsonov.

Alternatively, having both players in the AHL would give them just over $3 million, but it would leave no room for an extra forward. To free up more cap space, the team will likely need to make another trade involving main roster players such as Calle Jarnkrok and T.J. Brodie, who earn a combined $8 million.

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