Kai Cenat stuns fans by bringing out an RPG firework during the “AMP War” livestream

Twitch star Kai Cenat and the other AMP House members are currently engaging in a warfare stream. The group is essentially competing to outdo each other using fireworks. However, in a recent stream, Cenat did the unimaginable and brought out a rocket-propelled grenade (RPG). Thankfully, however, it was a homemade one that launched firework flares instead of any actual artillery.

Nonetheless, the appearance of the RPG was enough to surprise the streaming community. Fortunately, there have been no injuries or fires so far.

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Why is the AMP House at war? Kai Cenat’s recent RPG stream stuns everyone

The members of the AMP House, including Din “Agent 00 Gaming,” Chris “ChrisNxtDoor,” Duke “Duke Dennis Gaming,” Davis “ImDavisss,” Roberto “JustFanum,” and Kai Cenat, are engaged in a playful war. It is important to note that their activities are purely for entertainment purposes, and there is no malice involved.

In an attempt to one-up his housemates, Cenat was seen unveiling a life-sized rocket launcher. However, it was not a functioning weapon but rather a prop designed to launch firework flares.

There have been other instances of the fireworks battle among the house members. For example, during one of Cenat’s streams, Agent dropped a couple of fireworks in his room and closed the door. This resulted in the room being filled with smoke.

The Moment Davis threw a firework in Kais Room😭💀 https://t.co/YS0QjdGKwg

Other examples include the AMP House members throwing firecrackers at each other. Here is one such clip:

Duke Dennis even had his own paintball gun in one instance. Check it out in this clip shared on his Twitter account:

What did the fans say?

The unusual war, especially Cenat’s recent display of the RPG, has elicited a multitude of reactions from fans. Some trolled the situation by humorously comparing it to a real-life recreation of Call of Duty. Here are some of the notable comments:

The malicious or reckless display of weaponry is against Twitch’s Terms of Service (ToS). However, considering that the AMP House members were using fireworks and the entire situation is all in the spirit of fun and games, it is possible that they may not face any punishment.

In a recent stream, Kai Cenat mistakenly showcased a real gun. However, the weapon was likely legally owned and licensed, so he did face any consequences.

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