“I guess a frustrating media conference”

Last year, Cameron Smith achieved the most significant feat of his career by winning the 2022 Open Championship. However, the Australian golfer was disappointed by the fact that reporters only wanted to talk about his pending move to LIV Golf in the post-tournament press conference.

At the time, Smith was heavily linked with a move to the Saudi-backed tour and he announced his decision to join LIV Golf soon after the tournament.

However, Smith felt that a major accomplishment in his career was overshadowed by talk about LIV Golf. He revealed his frustrations to Golf Monthly, saying:

“Yeah, it was definitely, I guess, a frustrating media conference after the Open.”

Smith will return to the tournament soon as the reigning champion, but also as a LIV Golf member. He admitted that he felt as if his accomplishment had been overshadowed at the time:

“I think, like you said, perhaps a little bit overshadowed that I’d probably just won the biggest tournament that I’ll ever play in and someone was asking that.”

The Australian golfer did concede that the reporters were just trying to do their job and his move was a newsworthy topic. He added:

“But as I look back on that, it’s just a guy trying to do his job. I suppose it was a little bit harder from then onwards, definitely whilst making the decision, just some nasty stuff, I suppose, said by the keyboard warriors. I knew it was going to be tough, but I feel since I made the decision, I made the right one.”

Despite all the negative reports at the time and the recent merger with the PGA Tour, Smith doesn’t have any regrets about moving to LIV, even if it might have cost him his moment after winning the Open Championship.

Cameron Smith happy with current LIV Golf schedule

The LIV Golf schedule was a big selling point for many golfers who defected from the PGA Tour, including Cameron Smith. The PGA Tour schedule can be very demanding, and it’s been an easier workload at LIV.

Cameron Smith likes the LIV schedule
Cameron Smith likes the LIV schedule

Talking about the schedule, Smith said:

“Exactly like it is this year would be perfect for me. 14 and four majors, I’d take that for the rest of my career.”

Even with the future of the two tours up in the air, Cameron Smith still feels like he made the right choice:

“I think we’re going to see how stuff unfolds. It’s probably still a little bit early to assume, but yeah, I felt I made the right decision for multiple reasons. I think the last few weeks is another tick in the box for all us guys.”

Smith will be able to reapply for the PGA Tour under the rules of the merger next year. However, like many other LIV members, it doesn’t sound as if that’s something he wants to do at the moment. He’s happy at LIV and probably won’t want to change tours as long as the schedules remain the same.

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