Hania Aamir Dramas You Shouldn’t Miss.

Hania Aamir Dramas You Shouldn’t Miss

Hania Aamir has only been in the acting field for around 7 years, but she has already made a reputation for herself. Hania Aamir has always been the major attraction in all of the productions she has been a part of, from her debut film Janaan to her current successful drama serials. While Hania does not have a single ‘difficult’ job to her name, she has the capacity to transform a routine role into the most interesting component of a drama. Her on-screen chemistry with her co-stars adds to the appeal of her dramas. Hania is undeniably talented, but she has not yet realized her full potential. She has, however, been in a number of dramas that are unquestionably worth seeing.

Here’s a selection of Hania Aamir dramas you shouldn’t miss:


In the drama series Anaa, Hania Aamir played Daneen. Daneen was portrayed as a naive and headstrong little girl, similar to Naila in some aspects, but her tale was quite different. As a consequence, even if you watch Titli and Anaa back to back, you’ll notice two unique plots and another fantastic performance by Hania Aamir. Anaa, as the name implies, was a story about egos destroying relationships. While most people thought Izza and Altamash were the primary attraction, we believe Daneen’s presence and track kept the tale moving and the flame alive.

Hania Aamir also transformed herself into this figure. Her performance was flawless once again. Her acting was the key reason why viewers felt linked to the character, despite the fact that it was a convoluted and difficult-to-like figure. It’s not often that the messed-up settings and imperfect personalities shown in Anaa are so appealing. Anaa remained interesting in its own right for the most part and should not be overlooked. It is one of those dramas in which Hania Aamir managed to keep the audience’s attention and so should not be missed by her admirers.


Hania Aamir’s first television debut was in Titli. In the drama, she played the lead part. The main character, Naila, was ‘on paper one of the numerous selfish and self-centered heroines we’d seen in Pakistani plays before. Hania Amir easily made the audience dislike Naila’s character by convincingly bringing all of her terrible tendencies to life on film, despite her attractive and innocent looks. Hania obviously took a risk by choosing to portray this character because beginning your television acting career with a bad part may easily lead to typecasting. Furthermore, despite having the proper appearance for playing an angelic persona on TV, Hania chose a part that was far from angelic.

Titli is one of the finest dramas featuring Hania Aamir since Hania was the star of the program throughout. Although you despised Naila, she was the reason you continued to watch the show. Titli is the ultimate guilty pleasure, offering nothing great (on paper) yet ensuring total delight. If you haven’t seen this one yet, you should because once you do, you’ll be hooked.

Mere Hamsafar

Hania Aamir’s character in Mere Hamsafar may be described as ‘typical,’ yet it did not come across as such due to the way Hala’s tale was depicted on-screen. It’s also not an exaggeration to state that Hania Aamir’s performance was crucial. Not to mention her on-screen chemistry with Farhan Saeed, who transformed Hala and Hamza into a swoon-worthy on-screen romance. This was another of the plays featuring Hania Aamir that received widespread acclaim and helped to boost Hania’s career. Mere Hamsafar was also one of those plays that became the talk of the town, therefore if you want to discuss Hania Aamir’s dramas with any of her supporters at a public gathering, Mere Hamsafar is a must-see since no discussion of Hania’s dramas would be complete without it.


Hania Aamir portrayed Pari in Visaal, a drama serial with an intriguing plot and finely constructed characters that can easily be described as a whole package because it provided so much. When the narrative began, Pari’s character was a nice blend of a simple girl who was not scared to express her thoughts. Her role was amusing and, for the most part, the centerpiece of the drama. This character went through a lot as the story continued, and Hania Aamir delivered yet another unforgettable performance.

Visaal’s deep characters and engaging tale will have you wanting more. The path of each character alters as the tale unfolds, making the drama more exciting. Without a doubt, Visaal is one of the greatest dramas featuring Hania Aamir, and it should not be missed.


Sang-e-Mah is maybe the only drama featuring Hania Aamir in which Hania was not the main character. This one included many more well-known television actors and contains some of the greatest performances. It is a must-see drama for everyone who likes plays that blend creativity and commercialism. Sang-e-Mah emphasized how ancient societal practices and standards are hurting the life of villagers in Pakistan’s less-developed areas.

Hania Aamir’s portrayal in the play was as compelling as it has been in all of her other efforts. Her new partnership with Zaviyar Nauman has also opened new doors for him, as this on-screen duo is now seen in one of the most popular dramas right now, Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha.

Which of these dramas starring Hania Aamir is your favorite? Which drama will you be watching next? Please express your thoughts.

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