Former champion calls out WWE’s mismanagement toward end of contract

A former WWE Superstar has called out the company for its lack of communication as her contract expired.

Alicia Fox’s run with WWE came to an end recently after a very successful 17 years. The 37-year-old is remaining active following her departure from the company and will be returning to the ring in Booker T’s Reality of Wrestling promotion at Summer of Champions IX on July 15th.

During an interview on Ring The Belle, Alicia Fox disclosed that she was caught off guard by being made a ‘legend’ on a WWE shirt and got phone calls asking if she was retired. Alicia claimed that there was very little communication with her before her WWE contract expired in April this year.

“It’s sad (that there was no communication towards the end) and I can’t go on my own social media and say what? I thought maybe my release date, they would give me a statement of support saying, well, she gone. No. No nothing. I don’t know. I just felt bad, you know? I felt sad for every miscommunication or something,” she added. [H/T: Post Wresting]

You can check out the full interview in the video below:

Alicia Fox on the current generation of WWE Superstars

Alicia Fox discussed the current generation of female wrestlers wanting to be technical workers rather than entertainers.

During her conversation on Ring The Belle, Fox noted that the new generation of female superstars are technical workers and questioned whether that brought in fans.

“They were very, like, wanted to be technician wrestlers (next crop of women that took the reins after Fox’s generation), and this is where it gets funny where this is what was more reality TV. It’s like, well, they wanna be technical wrestlers, that’s fine. But, can you put a**es in seats? Does anyone want to come see y’all do a thousand jelly drill rolls?” wondered Fox.

Alicia Fox added that some of the female superstars today are “sassies” and said that she used to set up rings with Maryse and Mickie James in OVW.

“All of us knew how to work from the girls before us. The Beths, the Mickies. So we were like with the kiddies that are like, ‘We’re technical’, you know? And they’re all, ‘NXT.’ Do y’all remember Derby Park? OVW? We set those rings up. That’s what I’m saying. Me, Maryse set the rings up, Mickie, all these girls. All these girls that opened the doors for Sasha (Banks), for Bayley and no offense, some of them (are) sassies,” she added. [H/T: Post Wrestling]

Alicia fox stated Bayley and Sasha perfected their craft & she liked to work with themThe crop post about “Bayley and Sasha not putting butts in seats” was not about them. But general speaking of women who only want to be wrestlers and did not want to be entertainers. https://t.co/siiu2P67um

Despite her time in the company not ending in ideal fashion, Alicia Fox still had a run to be proud of in WWE. It will be interesting to see if the former Divas Champion ever returns to the company in the future.

Do you think Alicia Fox deserved a better ending in WWE? Let us know in the comments section below.

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