Analyst predicts Shannon Sharpe to land high-profile role to replace Steve Young at ESPN

The sports media world is in flux, especially at ESPN as several high-profile names have been sent packing. Meanwhile, Shannon Sharpe, who has recently left FS1, is continuing to be discussed.

After seven years, Sharpe decided to part ways with Skip Bayless and Undisputed in search of a new venture. Exactly what that is will likely be revealed in due time, but there are some who think that with ESPN’s layoffs, Sharpe could make his way to the network.

NFL analyst Michael McCarthy of Front Office Sports has listed three predictions for the NFL landscape this upcoming season, and he has Shannon Sharpe joining the network to potentially replace Steve Young on Monday Night Football.

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McCarthy wrote via Front Office Sports:

“He loves the spotlight. The three-time Super Bowl winner could play an outsized role as Young’s successor on Monday Night Countdown. He could also join Stephen A. Smith’s rotating list of debaters on First Take, along with Reddick, Chris “Mad Dog” Russo, and Michael Irvin. That could position Sharpe as Smith’s successor if and when he decides to leave First Take for entertainment, acting, or politics.”

“Think about it. Both Smith and McAfee have publicly called on Sharpe to join them at ESPN. That could have been a coincidence. Or a tell. It would be the ultimate revenge on his old FS1 bosses if Sharpe took over First Take — then proceeded to trounce their golden boy Bayless in the ratings.”

Shannon Sharpe will have a long list of suitors

Memphis Grizzlies v Los Angeles Lakers
Memphis Grizzlies v Los Angeles Lakers

Since arriving on the scene with Undisputed, Sharpe’s public profile has skyrocketed in the best way possible. Many love the way he talks about football and give his honest opinion on certain issues that arise.

With the success of his podcast Club Shay Shay and his standing in the NFL world, getting Sharpe would present a fantastic piece of business to whichever network manages to secure his services.

ESPN feels like the name most is linking him with, but there are others in Amazon and even his old employer CBS who could make a run for his signature.

Either way, Shannon Sharpe, through his hard work and dedication, has made himself perhaps the most sought-after sports media figure in the US.

Where will he end up? Only time will tell. But reading the tea leaves, ESPN seems like the place.

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