“Ain’t that deep” – Behzinga issues apology after going viral for saying Sidemen members are “colleagues” and not “friends”

On July 5, 2023, prominent Sidemen member Ethan Payne, also known as “Behzinga,” took to Twitter to issue an apology. For context, the content creator’s comments during the recent Sidemen podcast went viral on social media. During the discussion, the streamer opened up about his relationship with the members of the group, claiming that they are more like “colleagues” than “friends.”

Behzinga responded to those who were “pressed” by his remarks, saying he would enjoy seeing his friends outside of the workplace. He added that as businesses grow, the lines between relationships become “more blurred.”

Behzinga said:

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“Apologies to everyone so pressed over the ‘colleagues’ comment. I would simply enjoy seeing my friends outside of a work setting more often. Businesses grow, lines become more blurred, and sometimes, miss the simple days of just laughing with the boys. Ain’t that deep, just miscommunicated my feelings.”

What did Behzinga say during the recent Sidemen Airlines podcast?

In the recent Sidemen podcast, Tobit “TBJZL,” Joshua “Zerkaa,” Harry “W2S,” and Behzinga discussed their friendship. According to Behzinga, the members of the group were more like colleagues than friends:

“You’re all my colleagues! I said that to Charlie the other day. They’re not my friends anymore. They are my colleagues! That’s what I see. You are my colleagues, though! No, no! In a capacity, I see you guys now. It’s way more that we’re work colleagues than it is a friend.”

TBJZL expressed his sadness over Behzinga’s sentiments. However, the 28-year-old responded:

“Is that not true, no? Would you agree with that statement? (TBJZL disagrees) You’re joking?! Every time I speak to you, it’s about work! (TBJZL brings up Behzinga’s birthday) Yeah, that was nice. What, four hours? Four hours to compared f**king…”

W2S refuted Behzinga’s claims, arguing that they are both colleagues and friends. The Londoner said in response:

“Even in that capacity, we are way more colleagues than it is friends.”

Here’s what the Reddit community had to say about Behzinga’s perspective on his association with Sidemen members:

Netizens react to Behzinga’s apology

Numerous prominent internet personalities have weighed in on Behzinga’s apology. Some of the most pertinent responses were along these lines:

@Behzinga It made sense to me when I saw the clip. I understood what you were getting at 👍🏻

@Behzinga shouldn’t even have to apologize for it

@Behzinga Can’t believe u had to apologise 😭

@Behzinga Apologising for an opinion on his own relationships what is this world

@Behzinga No way PEOPLE are pressed about this… it’s your feelings about your group of friends. Fair enough if one of the guys in the video sort of questioned it but people completely from the outside tell you what you and your friends have to think about each other? Crazy

@Behzinga The fact that you’re even having to apologize for this is silly lol

Popular YouTuber Sean “Jacksepticeye” also commented, saying Behzinga’s sentiments “made sense” to him. Meanwhile, several others expressed surprise that the Sidemen member apologized for sharing views on his relationships.

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