AEW name shuts down accusations that he is a “bad influence” on Sting

Sting’s AEW run can be summed up in one word — epic. Despite being over 60 years old, the WCW legend refuses to do anything half-heartedly, even if that means putting his health on the line. Darby Allin recently denied that he is peer pressuring The Icon into taking the risks he has recently become known for.

Darby Allin and Sting have been joined by the hip ever since the multi-time World Champion joined Tony Khan’s promotion. While not as mobile in the ring as he once was, The Icon continues to wow crowd’s with death-defying stunts, much like his terrifying dive off a ladder on last week’s episode of Dynamite.

Speaking on Busted Open Radio, Darby Allin provided an update on his mentor’s health status:

“He’s actually doing great. We talked the day after and he said he’s feeling great, which is awesome because I pulled him aside after that match and said, ‘Be honest with me, how are you feeling? Not just your mouth, but your neck, every single thing about your body.’ People forget that he retired in 2014 when he took a buckle bomb.” [H/T: Fightful]

My EXACT reaction watching Sting jumping off that ladder lmaoooo he is clearly hanging too much with Darby, he might climb the Mount Everest too at this pace #AEWDynamite https://t.co/SdS3oKhhn9

Additionally, Allin quickly shut down accusations that his daredevil behavior is rubbing off on Sting. Instead, it is the veteran’s own decision to take such daring risks:

“Trust me, it’s none of my ideas. It’s all him. ‘Alright, is there a ladder here tonight? I’ll jump off it.’ A lot of people think it’s me being the bad influence, but no, it’s him. He has that hunger and that want to give the fans something. He’s feeling great, and I’m stoked.”

Sting revealed his injuries after AEW Dynamite

Sting’s dive from a ladder inside the ring onto a prone Sammy Guevara lying on tables set up at ringside has drawn the ire of many wrestling fans who believe that the spot should never have been allowed.

sting has ZERO business up on that ladder, he don’t got a single match where he need to be doing this https://t.co/N2qEHOyeIQ

These same critics must have felt somewhat justified when Sting admitted to suffering injuries while performing the stunt. The Icon addressed the live crowd after Dynamite went off the air and said he had a loose tooth requiring several stitches.

Considering the riskiness of the spot, the WCW legend may have gotten off lightly on this one. Nonetheless, it is great to hear that he is in good health.

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